V-CAP (Code: )

Main Features
V-CaP, Push-on Connector, is a new quick plastic connector for coaxial cables which substitutes the classic F-type metallic male connector, crimp-on or twist-on type. It is very simple to use; it does not require any specific tool; it allows for a fast and economical connection. Thanks to its carefully studied geometry, a very stable mechanical connection can be obtained even when using coaxial cables with very low braid coverage percentage.

The V-CaP is completely recyclable.

The V-CaP has optimal electrical properties and no impedance of its own.

Thus, it can be used with any coaxial cables of any given impedance (50, 75,92 Ohm, etc.).

The V-CaP is universal. It can be used with any coaxial cable of less than 7mm in diameter.

The V-CaP is water-tight when used with cables of 5mm or more in diameter.

The V-CaP connection method is extremely economical and delivers drastically reduced installation time.

The V-CaP system offers speed, reliability and high performances in demanding applications.

The V-CaP eliminates the need for specialized tools and skills.

The V-CaP is the system of choice for critical installations


Optimal Electrical Features:

In the frequency bandwidth between 0 and 2300 MHz insertion loss lesser than 0.08dB and structural return loss greater than 20dB have been measured; being made of plastic, it has no impedance of its own and thus it can be used with coaxial cables having any impedance (…50, 75, … Ohm).

Optimal Mechanical Features:

It presents high elasticity properties, physical-mechanical properties constant in the course of time; it is resistant to different types of chemical agents, such as bases, acids, polar solvents, organic fats, detergents and others; it is resistant to ozone, UV rays, atmospheric ageing, water; it features a high level of thermal/electrical insulation, a very good resistance to “fatigue” and tear strength; its service temperature may vary from -40°C up to over +120°C; it is completely recyclable.

It is universal; only one model can be used with any coaxial cable having a diameter less than 7mm; with cables having a diameter greater than 4.2mm, the connection is perfectly water-proof. It conforms with the European EMC Directive EN50083-2 (Cabled Distribution Systems for Television and Sounds Signals – Part 2: electromagnetic compatibility for equipment).

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