VRU3000 (Code: )


Model  VRU3000
Topology True On – Line, Double Conversion
On-Battery Output Waveform True Sine Wave
Number of Phase Single (1µ2W + G)
Maximum Capacity (VA /W) 3000 VA/2100 W
Nominal Input Voltage 120 V
Input Voltage Regulation 80 to 138 VAC
Nominal Input Frequency 50 / 60 Hz +/- 5Hz
Input PFC >0.98 @ full load
Input Short Protection Circuit Breaker
Nominal Output Voltage 100/110/115/120 VAC
Output Voltage Regulation Rated Voltage +/- 2%
Output THD <3%@Linear Load
High Efficiency Mode (AC to AC) >88%
Crest Factor 3:01
Start on Battery Yes
Output Frequency 50 / 60 Hz (Autotracking)
Overload Capability Sustaining 50 sec@108% load: 28 sec@110-120% load ; 15 sec @120 – 130% load; 9 sec@140-145% load; Immediate Response@150% load 
User Replaceable Battery 96V (2x48 VDC Battery Pack)
Typical Backup Time (Full/Half Load) 6/17 minutes
Battery Type Sealed VRLA 12V7AH; Hot Swap
Recharge Time to 90% 8 hours
Extended Battery Cabinet Extendible Battery Module in 2U High (Comprises 2 x 48VDC Battery Packs
Advance Warning Diagnostics  
Front Panel Indication Front Panel menu driven LCD Monitoring and control panel for all functions
Audible Alarms DC Mode, Low Battery, Voltage / Frequency Error, Charger Fail, High Temp, Over Load, Fault, PFC Overload
Communication Interface  
Communication Port RS-232 Port (Standard) : DB9, AS400 , USB Cards (optional)
SNMP Manageable Yes
Operation Temperature 0-40°c (32-104F)
Storage Temperature =B15-15-40°c (5-122F)
Relative Humidity 0% to 95% non-condensing
Audible Noise (at 1 meter from surface of unit)  
Dimensions-Rackmount (W x H x D mm) 426 x 176.8(4U) x 545 mm
Dimensions -Tower (W x H x D mm) 176.8 x 426 x 545 mm
Weight (UPS / Battery Banks) 14.5 / 32.5 kg
Total Weight 47 kg 
EMI / RFI Compatibility FCC Class A
Safety Certifications UL

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