VIR-16/4-850 (Code: )



The Device design

The VIR-16 series illuminator contains an IR-radiator based on luminodiodes with the built in forming optics. Constructively the illuminator consists of the case, made of aluminum alloy. On the face side of the case the luminodiodes are installed, they are covered with the light filter made of special plastic. A bracket is supplied for the installation which is fixed to the case with the help of a bolt connection.


This VIR illuminator complies with

IEC/TS60825-7:2000 (“Safety of products emitting infrared optical radiation, exclusively used for surveillance”).

Caution! Invisible LED radiation! Do not view directly with optical instruments (magnifiers). CLASS 1M LED product.It is necessary to observe the polarity of the power supply connection: -(+)red or brown (-)black or blue. It is forbidden to use the illuminator with the parameters exceeding the maximal permitted values.